Understanding Bylaws:
A Guide for Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations

By Linda Wood Edwards, Second Edition (Published by LUE-42 Enterprises)
ISBN 978-0-9866030-0-6

Not-for-profit organizations are ultimately governed by their bylaws. Sound bylaws can “make or break” an organization: they’re an organization’s ultimate authority and the document that members, directors, and staff uses to guide their decisions. Use this guide to develop or amend your organization’s bylaws and improve your overall governance and operations. This book is of most help to provincially legislated societies.

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Exceptional Board Members

By Linda Wood Edwards, Second Edition (Published by LUE-42 Enterprises)
ISBN 978-0-9866030-1-3

Much has been written about the duties and responsibilities of directors and the role of volunteers in organizations. We all agree that directors must understand their legal obligations to the organization and appreciate the non-legal expectations they will face from staff and other stakeholders. But what does it take for a merely competent board member or even a very good one to become a great board member? This book will help you identify the characteristics and behaviours that take us beyond legal obligations and basic expectations to a truly inspired – and inspiring volunteer contribution.

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