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“It was great to meet you. Your newsletter made me feel like I already knew you so well. It was like meeting up with a long-time friend and colleague.”
– Carol Ann

“As usual your newsletter is a great read – thank you for compiling all of this interesting information.”
– Pamela

“Can this newsletter get any better? Always a great mix of personal stories, humour, and just damn good Board advice. Love love love!”
– David

“Your newsletter is such an authentic reflection of YOU and all the many hats you wear. Love it (and you).”
– Liz

“I thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter. Every time I see it pop up in my inbox, I so look forward to reading it.”
– Lori

“Great issue Linda – I’m sending it to my boss!”
– Mary Anne

“Your newsletter continues to be on my “must read” emails. I look forward to every edition.”
– Jackie

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