Funeral Celebrant

Cel Logo Black 2010I am proud to belong to the profession of Celebrancy and to offer fresh approaches to funeral services and remembrances. I would be pleased to help you create an end of life ceremony for your loved one.



What I do

Perhaps you know exactly what you want for your loved one, perhaps you know what you don’t want, or perhaps you’re not even sure what’s possible.

Because one size does not fit all, I will help you plan a tribute that reflects your own values and beliefs. Together we will celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that meets your needs.

I am a great listener, an engaging presenter, and will help you sort through what must, should, or can be done in making a meaningful life tribute. I subscribe to a code of ethics and operate with integrity and efficiency. The memorial tribute that we create can occur anytime or anywhere: a grave side, an ash scattering, a dedication, or even a traditional service. The point is to give your loved one a worthy send-off and to help you heal in a life that has changed.

I will meet your family and craft what you share into a tribute. I will also assist with the order of service, music, readings and so on. You and your family can participate fully or simply receive what you have helped me prepare for you. If you have a eulogist, I will serve as a master of ceremonies to ensure the entire program runs smoothly. Either way, we will celebrate a life lived in a way that has meaning to you.

You can expect:


  • A family meeting. This is essential in my developing a tribute that reflects the uniqueness of your loved one. You choose where we meet and who attends. I’ll listen to your stories about the person who died and ask for your memories. We’ll discuss readings, music, important rituals/symbols, other participants, etc.
  • I will write the service, including a personalized tribute, if desired.
  • I will coordinate the service with others who are involved (e.g., funeral director) and will be there early to assist.
  • I will officiate the event from start to finish, and will lead you in and out if you so choose.
  • I will give you a copy of the service as a keepsake.



My fee takes into consideration the hours required to prepare your personalized service (normally around 10 hours) as well as travel, location, and other factors we identify together. Some families pay me directly; some funeral homes add my fee to your bill. It is your choice.

It would be a privilege to help you.

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